staff-training 2

We work with lunchtime supervisors to create a bespoke support package which will improve the lunchtime experience for children. This may involve 1-1 coaching sessions alongside periodic training  sessions.




Examples of areas covered are:

  • Knowing who’s Boss- outlining the line managers responsibilities
  • Engaging children in play activities
  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Culture and the use of a common language
  • Body language
  • The power of the spoken word
  • Professionalism
  • Self awareness
  • Respect and privacy of information


Safeguarding will be the overarching theme throughout the training


Outcomes will involve a combination, or all, of:

  • Enabling staff to take ownership of the issues raised
  • Improved LO/child interactions on the playground
  • Simplifying monitoring tools used to record incidents making them more meaningful
  • Establishing a more cohesive LO team
  • Monitoring improvements through pupil involvement


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