The recent National changes in public safety have also had far reaching implications for school safety. This has triggered many schools to now begin to seek advice in practising safe Lockdown procedures to protect the children in their care.  Sustain Education are now offering training around such procedures in Primary, Secondary and Special School settings. This area of safeguarding is new territory within the UK and will be handled with the up most sensitivity and professionalism which will ensure the smooth running of procedures in your school.

The training involves building capacity within schools by developing bespoke mechanisms to ensure student safety.  We will work closely with SLT and designated staff to ensure that Lockdown procedures are carried out efficiently by all involved. This means that staff will develop a heightened awareness of the school building and how to deal with the language that is used when carrying out such a sensitive procedure.

There will need to be adjustments in the changing of the school culture to accommodate how safety in viewed. This change in mindset will play a large role in ensuring that procedures are carried out appropriately and calmly without alarming students.  Roles and responsibilities for child safety will be take on by all staff when Lockdown procedures are activated.

At Sustain Education we work in close partnership with reputable Security installers who work alongside us to ensure that protocols are put in place effectively. This expertise enables us to validate the advice we give to schools and affords us the peace of mind of knowing that what we deliver is accurate and sustainable.