What do other professionals think of Tania’s work?

“As a collaborator, Tania is fun, imaginative and resourceful; and committed to achieving the best outcomes for all.”
Martin Pritchard,  Independent Education Management Professional – Stockport

‘’Tania is one of the very best consultants and trainers I have worked with in over 20 years as a headteacher in four different schools.  Her professionalism, sensitivity and perception are exemplary. Her enthusiasm and positivity engaged our staff most impressively. They left her training sessions buzzing and wanting more. The high quality of her work at our school was appreciated by all of our staff. The key objectives of Tania’s work with us were not just met but exceeded, leaving us with excellent capacity for further improvements.’’
Jonathan Power, Head Teacher – Chapel Street Primary School – Levenshulme

“Whilst being coached by Tania I found my experience very enlightening.  She was very sensitive in the way she worked and was very intuitive in her approach.  I learned so much about myself and she encouraged me to be a better person by enabling me see the real me.  This process was both enjoyable and at times hard going but well worth the effort and results which have been long standing even now.  Tania is an excellent Coach and I was not the only benefactor from the practice.  The unit staff, my own children, in fact my whole family, the students that I work with and work colleagues all gained from my growth.  I am still using the tools that Tania introduced to me in both my working life and my personal life.  An all round excellent experience.”
Melanie Metz,  LSU Manager -Trinity High School – Hulme

“Importantly, Tania was sensitive to our schools personality, we benefited hugely from her insightful approach and experience. She also made time to follow up changes she had initiated terms earlier. ”
Jason Butcha, Deputy Head – Egerton High School – Urmston

Boy under the tree on wooden floor paleWhat do other professionals think of Emma’s work?

Emma was one of the most professional and reliable people that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her relationship with pupils, several of which had low self-esteem a well as Literacy and Numeracy issues, was one of support and empowerment often guiding pupils in a very directed way that not only ensured progression but enabled them to take ownership of that progression.

Her strategic planning proved invaluable due to the fact that she catered for the needs of all pupils on an individual basis ensuring that the pathways they followed were fit for purpose and suitable to their needs. This resulted in accelerated progress, allowing pupils to confidently move on and narrow the gap between themselves and their peers.

I really enjoyed working with Emma, as did many other colleagues at the school. This was due to her approachable manner and work ethic as well as the fact that it came across very clearly that everything being done was for the benefit of the pupils with which she was working.

Lee Haughton, Our Lady’s RC High School